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Products & Sevices

Special Equipments

Usually used at the entrance of Building/Hotels to check people. The solutions consist of an X-ray Hand Baggage screener and a walk-through metal detector. To further increase the security a handheld explosive detector also could be used.

  • Explosive Detectors.
  • Entrance Checkpoint Solution.
  • Under Vehicle Inspection.
  • Guard Patrol.
  • Speed Radar Systems.
  • For Personal Protection.
  • Rapid Deployment Systems.
  • Mail Scanners.
  • Bulletproof Vests.
Maintenance & Service

With a giant fleet of engineers and technicians, we provide round-the-clock preventive maintenance for your existing or freshly installed systems. Furthermore, the size of our fleet allows for quick response times for both emergencies and general matters, in a manner that will satisfy your requirements.

Our maintenance contract consists of the following: Regular visits, where the complete system will be tested and documented, providing you with an in-depth report which highlights the exact count, location, and status of all your equipment. We also have an emergency team on standby that will tend to your system through the night and on holidays.

Fire Preventive Maintenance
We Offer Maitenance of:

We are licensed to provide fire preventive maintenance at regular intervals with full method statements and risk assessments prior to arrival on site.

As part of our fire preventive maintenance package, we test fire alarms, fire fighting, and suppression systems as per the rules and regulations of local civil defense, EHS, and international standards of NFPA. Problems are identified before faults, ensuring peace of mind that comes from a fire system operating to your satisfaction. A certificate of testing is issued on completion of the work.

All types of intelligent analog addressable and soft addressing fire alarm systems.
• All types of conventional fire alarm systems.
• All gaseous suppression systems.
• Dry and wet type sprinkler systems.
• Hose reels, wet and dry risers.
• Water spray systems, foam systems and wet. chemical suppression systems.
• Fire fighting pumps.
• Testing and refilling fire extinguishers.

What We Provide